Fiddlers new to Swedish music:
This is an invitation to join in one of the most fun
experiences in fiddling.    As a fiddler myself who plays
music from America, Ireland, Scotland, Norway, and
elsewhere, I can truly say that the Swedish fiddle music
is one of the richest genres one can get involved in.
As we travel from place to place, you will get to notice
the great variety in the simple 3/4 time beat of the
polska (the most common kind of Swedish fiddle tune)
in different traditions.   You will learn to understand
how the musical traditions of each area are intertwined
with the history and folk life of the people.
We will travel about 1500 miles (2200 km), and meet
some of the finest fiddlers in Sweden.  We can not only
learn from them, but also just have a good time playing
with them.    They know the local stories behind the
tunes, and are happy to share them with us.  
You will learn tunes the way they are meant to be
played.  You can play tunes for dancing in the places
where the tunes originated.    You can meet fiddlers
who have been playing 50 or more years, as well as
younger canny fiddlers who are deep into the traditions.
See the landscape of the old days.   Visit the old
fiddlers' houses.   Eat the traditional foods.   Learn
about the old wedding traditions that involved the
music.  Play in inspiring locales.  
Your time on the tour will be an adventure you will
never regret.

-Tim Rued
Tim Rued's
Sweden Tour 202
June 24- July 8