A souvenir booklet with
photos from the trip after
it is over.
Within 6 weeks after the tour, you will be sent a
booklet containing photos  of highlights of the trip.
Price of tour includes:
Pickup and Drop-off at beginning and
end of tour
All transportation within
Sweden during the tour.
All lodging during the
Most meals.
Entry to all museums and
Personal translation and
interpretation service as needed.
Materials in preparation for the tour,
including a map, itinerary, phrase guide,
and background information.
The tour begins and ends in the vicinity of Stockholm.
Transportation to get there is your own responsibility.   This enables people
from anywhere in the world to participate.   You may inquire if you would like
air transport to Sweden to be arranged for you.
Travel will be by  passenger van.   This way, the tour can
go by back roads, and to places where public
transportation never goes.  The tour is limited to 5
participants in addition to the guide.
Depending on the exact itinerary, lodging will be in hotels,
bed-and-breakfast establishments, and/or private
Special meals presenting Swedish cuisine  are part of the tour.    
Breakfast and at least one other meal will be provided daily.  Snacks will
be available on travel days.   There may be some free "half-days" for
shopping and the like, and you will be responsible for your own meals
Many events and museums charge admission.   These fees are
covered by the tour.
Your guide is a native English speaker, also fluent in
Swedish, and with extensive experience traveling in
Sweden.   His knowledge of Swedish culture is
encyclopedic.   He will be at your disposal to explain
things, translate signs and pamphlets, interpret when
you deal with Swedes who do not speak English, and
help you find particular shops, items in stores, etc.
After all tour participants have been confirmed, each
will be asked to help determine the itinerary
according to his or her interests.   Once the general
itinerary is established, a brochure will be prepared
to help you prepare for maximum enjoyment of the
Tim Rued's
Sweden Tour 202
June 2
4- July 8
June 24 - July 8
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