Exploring Culture through Folk Music
Tim Rued, folk musician
Tim demonstrates his presentations through:
Nyckelharpa (Swedish Key Fiddle),
Hardanger Fiddle (from Norway).
Some topics for elementary through high school:
Some topics for college:
Fiddle music through American history.
American music and dance before the phonograph.
Songs our great-great-great-grandparents loved.
Music of the immigrants to America.
Folk music of Scandinavia.
Folk Music of the British Isles.
Folk music and customs of Sweden.
Popular European and American dance rhythms of the 19th century.
The intersection of classical and folk music.
Swedish folk music: a lesson in musical dialects in small regions.
Music recording:  preserver or destroyer of real music?
Tim Rued
PO Box 30456
Stockton, CA 95213

(209) 609-6183
presents concerts, lectures, or workshops showing the
connection of European/American folk music with the
culture we live in today.
TIM RUED  has been playing traditional music
for more than 50 years.   Grandson and
great-grandson of Texas fiddlers, he learned
many musical instruments and styles of
traditional playing through playing with other
He has travelled extensively in the United
States, in Sweden, and has also visited
fiddlers in Scotland and Norway in developing
his knowledge of traditional styles.
His repertoire contains thousands of fiddle
tunes and other melodies and songs.  He has
been playing and teaching professionally
since the 1970's, always with old traditional
He is a skilled player in many American and
European styles of fiddle music.   He is one of
the country's leading experts on Swedish
fiddling, and even leads
folk music tours to
Sweden in the summer.