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Master Fiddler
Tim Rued
Beginner Through
Advanced Lessons
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Now based in Santa Rosa, California, I have been teaching
fiddle and other instruments since the early 1970's.    My
method is through teaching
tunes rather than exercises, and
having you  learn to enjoy playing at whatever level of skill
you have.   I have developed  an accurate ability to judge the
capabilities of a student, and I will never try to teach you
something that is too challenging for your own success.

Playing by ear is of foremost importance, so musical theory is
worked into lessons as a natural thing.  I also teach not only
HOW to develop certain techniques, but WHY the
technique is important!

My aim in teaching is to help you develop an individual style,
and to eventually reach the goal of not needing lessons
Learn to play American,
Swedish, Irish and
Scottish traditional folk
music.  A specialty is
teaching violinists to play
Learn to play this
wonderful Swedish
instrument, with the
same techniques used by
the master players of
If you are interested in taking
lessons or learning more about my
music, please email me at
or call me at
(209) 609-6183