Americans of Swedish heritage:
You may or may not have been to Sweden before, but
you have impressions of the country from family
history.   Some of these impressions may be about the
food, about life in the old country before immigration
to the U.S., about what the country looks like, or about
the music and customs.
This is an invitation to join a tour that will let you find
the real background of Swedish culture - the
environment your ancestors left when they came to
In the two weeks of travelling with a very small and
intimate group, you will visit places, take part in events,
and meet people who will demonstrate the richness of
the Swedish folk culture.  You will see the expected
and the unexpected:
You will, of course find meatballs, boiled potatoes, and
lingon preserves as fast food instead of hamburgers.   
You will also find delightful unexpected treats, such as
the wonderful variety of regional breads, or homemade
elderflower drink.
Every place you visit will be found to be rich in old
traditions: music, building styles, games, museums, etc.
In Småland you will see where they make the famous
crystal glassware.  You will see the forests that inspired
stories of trolls in both folklore and art.   Churches
hundreds of years old; works of art by great masters
and unknown folk artists; preserved workshops from
two centuries ago:  all of these can be visited and
If you are interested in genealogy, you may visit the
Emigrant museum, that has computerized records of
most of the Swedes who moved to America.   On the
entire trip, you will visit churches, farmhouses, and
other buildings that show what life was like in the old
You can use the tour as your entire experience in
Sweden, or extend your trip afterward on your own
with a fresh vision of what to look for in other parts of
the country, as well.
Join us for an experience never to be forgotten!
-Tim Rued
Tim Rued's
Sweden Tour 202
June 2
4 - July 8