Tim Rued's
Sweden Tour 20
June 2
4 - July 8
Fiddlers who play Swedish music already:
This is an invitation to join in one of the most fun
experiences in Swedish fiddling.    As a fiddler myself
who plays music from all over the country, I can say
that there are wonderful surprises in music that we will
come across.  From the experience of our previous
tours, you can expect to meet with local fiddlers on at
least 10 of the 14 days.
If you can travel to Sweden for only 2 weeks, you will
get the most out of that little time.    If you want to
spend a little longer, these 2 weeks will give you a
terrific introduction to Swedish folk culture.    If you
plan on spending the whole summer, the tour will teach
you  how to travel in folk circles, and get you many
connections you may find useful later in your stay.
We can not only learn from the fiddlers we meet, but
also just have a good time playing with them.    They
know the local stories behind the tunes, and can share
them with us.
You can play tunes for dancing in the places where the
tunes originated.   You can try to experience the music
of Näcken on a Thursday night by a waterfall.   You
can meet fiddlers who have been playing 50 or more
years, as well as younger canny fiddlers who are deep
into the traditions.
See the landscape of the old days.   Visit the old
fiddlers' houses.   Eat the traditional foods.   Learn
about the old wedding traditions that involved the
music.  Play in inspiring locales.  
Your time on the tour will be an adventure you will
never regret.

-Tim Rued