If you are interested in historic buildings:
Do you have an interest either professionally or
otherwise in old buildings?
Come on my tour and you will have the experience of
your life amidst the music and culture of Summer
Sweden.   We will visit, explore, and sometimes stay in
houses, castles, mills, and churches that cover an age
span from 100 to 1000 years.  You will get a chance to
inspect at close hand building layouts and construction
details.   Climb the stairs in a 500-year old church
steeple; see how modifications were done in a stone
castle;  see how the ancient art of roof thatching is still
used in modern times.
Whether you are architect or historian, engineer or
carpenter, designer or hobbyist, you will find a wealth
of discoveries as you travel over 1000 miles.   You will
see dozens of variants on the classic spiral staircase.   
You may see a sod shanty of the charcoal-makers.  
You will see how a royal palace was converted to a
storage barn, a prison, and a museum.    You can see
the way a 17th-century warship was built.  You will be
able to study the vaulted ceilings of 12th-century
churches.   You will see how a rough-hewn log cottage
300 years old has been kept up to be a modern home
for current use.
Hear the music, enjoy the scenery, soak up the folk
culture, experience new foods, meet wonderful
people....  Please join us!

-Tim Rued
Tim Rued's
Sweden Tour 20
June 2
4 - July 8