Art in
What variety in art you can find in
If you come on the tour, you will get a
chance to see high art and primitive;
paintings, sculptures, and weaving; new,
old, and ancient pieces; subject matter
from the religious to the profane.
Sweden has such an old culture and rich
history, compared with the United
States.    Art in some form is infused into
every aspect of life, especially having to
do with the folk culture.
You will see the great variety in style and
subject matter painted on church walls
and ceilings from the 11th through the
19th century.   You will see town
sculptures celebrating 16th century
royalty, as well as 20th century folk
musicians.   You can inspect wonderfully
crafted wearing apparel that is even now
being made as a cottage industry by
individuals in their homes.
Visit museums of art:  the impressionist
Anders Zorn, the romanticist Carl
Larsson, the modernist sculptor Bror
Hjorth.  Visit the artist studios in the old
town artist colony in Gävle.
Most of all, just appreciate the practical
artistry connected with just about
everything in the folk culture as we travel
1500 miles or more through several
regions.    You will see how the styles,
while always very Swedish, vary widely
from place to place.
Dalmålning, a special regional art style in
Dalarna, is wonderful:    Pictures, usually
with biblical motif, but with huge flowers
all around and with all the characters in
18th-century dress.   Also in Dalarna are
the traditional highly decorated
toy horses
which have become a national symbol.

Enjoy nature, music, traditional food, old
buildings, wonderful people,    .......and
the art.

-Tim Rued
Tim Rued's
Sweden Tour 2020
June 24 - July 8