Tim Rued's
Sweden Tour 202
June 24 - July 8
Scandinavian Folkdancers:
Many of you have had the chance to learn dances from
Swedish teachers.    Some have been lucky enough to
travel to Sweden to visit dance festivals.
This tour offers something a little different.    There
will be at least 2 major festivals visited in the two
weeks, but the travel in between will be centered on
understanding the culture from which the dances
came.   Once you have danced to the music in a special
place with a certain special feeling, you will never do
the dance the same way again.
On the tour you will get a clear picture of the
connection of regional music dialects and the dances
that go with them.   You not only will get to dance at a
couple of festivals, but you may get to join in a regular
folkdance club's regular practice session - see how the
Swedes themselves learn and develop the dances!
You will get the chance to dance gammaldans,
bygdedans, and perhaps participate in folkdans, as well.
You will get to study various dräkter (costumes) up
close, and may get a chance to purchase a used one!

The tour will take up 2 weeks, Wednesday to
Wednesday, in Sweden, right after Midsummer.    You
will be free to extend your stay in Sweden afterwards,
and  I will be glad to help you plan to get involved in
one of the many regional dance contests later in the
summer:  The Hälsinge-Hambo, the Upplandsschottis,
or others that you may be able to schedule.   
The people you meet on the tour will also be a valuable
source of information for other dance events in Sweden
if you stay longer.

I am looking forward to a wonderfully fun and inspiring
trip this summer!

-Tim Rued